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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Weekends in Miami Beach aren’t always the safest for tourists and visitors exploring the city and checking out Miami Beach condos like the ultra popular W South Beach, for example.  During certain hours it can be a little dangerous trying to cross some of the busy intersections as people come and go.  In an effort to improve driving safely, the city is now doing something to address such a problem.

Starting next month drivers who run red lights in Miami Beach will be fined $125 for a first time violation thanks to the installation of cameras designed to catch those drivers coming in and out of Miami Beach condos and homes who aren’t stopping when they’re supposed to.  These cameras and the inevitable citations are not being met with open arms as some find the legality of the fines and/or citations questionable.

While the cameras may be alright, the city’s decision to enact fines has some raising eyebrows.  Florida governor Charlie Crist once said that only a police officer who has seen a driver run a red light can issue a citation, thus the city has no legal grounds to enact its own traffic laws that have not been passed by the state.  Assuming you live in Miami Beach condos or homes, do you think this is a good idea or a case of the city overstepping its boundaries?

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