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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Home insurance is one of those things that some people wish they could do without but is a necessary component when purchasing and/or owning any Fort Lauderdale real estate.  Depending on your situation, it’s quite possible that your premium has increased substantially, in which case you might need to shop for a new policy.

The number of claims that you’ve made in the past will significantly affect your marketability so the less claims that you’ve made the better the odds of actually getting a good deal.  On the other hand if you do have claims then there must be at least three to five years between now and your last claim if you’re expecting worthwhile deals.

There is a huge array of resources you can use to do your own research before contacting any specific insurance company that will assist greatly in determining the best Fort Lauderdale real estate insurer for your situation. Many state insurance regulators have up to date pricing information and you can then follow up with checking the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to weed out those with too many complaints.

Always remember that the lowest price may not be the best, you might actually lose important coverage if a less then reputable company decides to throw in exclusions that remove the number of incidents in which they’re required to pay.

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