Gayle Borden Realtor

Gayle Borden, Realtor

Originally born in Fort Lauderdale, Gayle was raised in England. After nineteen years abroad, she returned to South Florida to become one of the foremost real estate professionals in North America.

A Realtor since 1985, Gayle is well known for her professionalism, integrity and strong work ethic. She moves easily between the residential and commercial markets, affording our customers the unprecedented luxury of having one real estate professional available to handle all of their property needs, both business and personal.

Gayle is known for her ability to comprehend and communicate the intricate details of the most complex transactions, affording her clients the luxury of timely and well-informed decisions. Gayle's professional standards are an inspiration to the entire team, as well as to her colleagues and other professionals with whom we do business. Please click here to send an email to Gayle: