Have you been considering Fort Lauderdale real estate short sales? You're probably among the numerous people who have at least entertained the thought. Short sales continue to increase in popularity but up until now they were not very good if there were time constraints involved. Thankfully, time is no longer as much of an issue.

At one point, if you were to explore Fort Lauderdale homes for sale and make an offer then you'd have to leave the rest up to time and the lender. Circumstances differed based on situation but there was always that possibility of having to possibly wait months to receive any kind of response, any unfortunately many people who are on the brink of foreclosure simply can't wait that long. Thanks to new U.S. Treasury rules however, lenders must now respond no later than ten days after an offer has been made.

Besides offering perks to sellers and banks, the new U.S. Treasury also dictate that sellers can't be held responsible for any remaining debt that might remain, definitely some additional good news. Next time you're out exploring Fort Lauderdale condominiums as possible short sales, just know that it's now a little easier to get a yes or no on your offer within a considerably more reasonable amount of time.